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Hey friends I hope you are well?! Today I wanted to share with you own of my families favorite meals! Carnitas! It is super simple to make and just requires a few ingredients. The best part of this meal is the leftovers! You can freeze the meat and use it in so many different ways. Just plain tacos, tamale filling, taquitos, or quesadillas. The options really are limitless. 

We love serving this meal with homemade rice and beans. I hope to share those recipes with you soon! If you decide to try this recipe let me know. 

2 to 3 lb Pork Shoulder 
 Salt (enough to coat the outside of the pork evenly)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1 large Onion
4 cups Chicken Broth
1 Tbsp Garlic Powder
1 Tbsp Chili Powder
1/2 Tsp Oregano 
1/2 Tsp Cumin
3 Tbsp Lime Juice
1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in large sauce pan. Salt pork. Sear pork on all sides until golden. Do not over cook, just brown the outside.
2. In a bowl mix together garlic, chili powder, oregano, and cumin. Mix to combine.
3. Add mixed dry ingredients to chicken broth and mix well.
4. Pour lime juice over pork and add chicken broth mix.
5. Cover and simmer on med heat for 2 and 1/2 hours.
6. Preheat over to 400 degrees. 
7. In a 9 x 13 inch pan shred pork and pour juice over top. Mix well.
8. Bake for 30 mins. 

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