From Public School to Homeschooling

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 Last year marked the beginning of a MAJOR change for our family! We began to Homeschool! Now I never saw homeschooling as being a part of my life before last December. I really had no clue about it, As a lot of people I know have said to me (and before this change I repeated myself) "I could NEVER homeschool!" Boy was I wrong, and I am actually glad I was! Homeschooling has been one of the BEST decisions I have EVER made for my children. First let me give a little back story on what finally lead to our choice to begin this incredible journey.

     Both of my boys are High Functioning Autistic. To be exact Kayvean (12) was diagnosed with Asperger's and Sylar (7) High Functioning no real specific "label." We have had a really rough journey with public school. IEPs (Individualized Education Plan), endless testing, phone calls, wright ups, even suspensions. I remember crying almost everyday and feeling like a real failure as a mother. I knew my boys were brilliant and amazing but the struggled in the "system." The problem is there is no proper support/services  for a high functioning child.

     My boys didn't belong in a regular setting, but the AU classrooms (special classrooms for Autistic children) where for "lower functioning" children, the SED (Seriously Emotionally Distured) classrooms were really no place for the either and so they were stuck drowning in the system. Finally there was a period of relief and a real start to figuring out what the boys needed.  We had finally found just the right teachers and people to work with them and then........

     BAM! Right as the boys were doing well the school informed me they would need to be "reassigned" because their needs could no longer be met. Worst news I probably have ever gotten. On top of that we had moved into a new county. Another horrible turn. This school was worse than any school they had EVER been to. They had absolutely no services and were no help in directing me where to even turn to get help.

     I was getting phone calls literally EVERYDAY. I would drop the boys off at 8:30am by 10am my phone was ringing off the hook to come pick one if not both of them up. Meeting upon meeting and all I was told is that they didn't have time to deal with my children. The boys got further and further behind. Finally after a meeting with the social worker she asked me if I ever considered homeschooling?

     I was surprised to say the least and then my research began I spent every waking moment learning all I could about homeschooling. To my surprise and luck my state is extremely homeschool friendly. So after a very long and painful IEP meeting my choice become clear. The very next day I withdrew Kayvean and then 2 months later Sylar.

     Now this is a very short summary on events but my main point for sharing was to encourage any parent who might be in my same position or considering homeschooling. My only regret is that I didnt make the change sooner. Honestly I wish I could have homeschooled from the start.

     There's a lot of misconception about homeschooling, and that in itself is a whole other post. For me and my family its been the greatest decision we have ever made. My boys are finally flourishing and there's nothing more rewarding than being their teacher. Not everyday is prefect or easy BUT my children are HAPPY and the are starting to really LOVE learning!

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