How To Enroll With Me!

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Ready to start using essential oils or you want to start your own business with Young Living I am here to support you!

Please know that when enrolling with our team you are NEVER pressured to sell anything. My goal is to educate people on how to use essential oils in their everyday life, keeping it simple and fun!

Interested in the business side? Well I have got you covered there! Our team offers tons of training and I'll be there every step of the way to help guide you! 

Below you will find step by step instructions

Why enroll with Jessica/My Team

Education and Training! After you in enroll you will be added to our private Facebook groups as well as, access to our exclusive Resource Center. We also offer Team Training Calls and much much more!

So what's required 

Buy your starter kit Here (click the "here") That gets you your whole sale membership were you save 24%!

Now all you have to do is spend 50 dollars a YEAR to keep your membership! 

Now just follow these steps!

1. To enroll click HERE !

2. Follow this video HERE where my good friend and fellow team member Melodye Reynolds will walk you through the process! (Please note that the home (rose) diffuser is no longer an option. I now recommend the premium starter kit with the dew drop diffuser! Prices have also changed.)

3. Check your email to make sure your order processed. Young Living will send you a confirmation.

4. Make sure you are following me across social media so we can further connect! 

Becoming a member and enrolling with our team means you will get a lot of support and training! 
Our team offers you exclusive Facebook Groups that are a wealth of information. One is strictly for product users and the other is for business builders. I will send you a friends request on Facebook so that I can add you to these private groups! You will be added to whichever group you prefer as soon as I confirm your purchase of a premium starter kit as access to the groups is exclusive to my team/ Take some time to explore these groups. Read through some post. There are a lot of really experienced oilers that their knowledge and are very helpful,

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