Thankful Tree

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This year I am bound and determined to start some new traditions for our family! This year in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday we have chosen to do a "Thankful Tree!" And we are doing it all completely FREE!

We kept it really simple and basic.First things
first, we collected some branches form the yard.
Then I found this candle holder and some stones I had purchased a few months back from the dollar store, for the base.  I used a stencil I found on google and using some fall colored construction paper I cut out our leaves! Each child writes each day one thing they are thankful for and puts their name on the back! We tied on our leaves using some red balloon ribbon I had laying around. 

I have to say I am in love with how it's coming along and it's definitely something we all look forward to continuing for years to come! What better way to start the day than thinking about what the Lord has/is/and will bless us with! 

What are some traditions your family does for the Thanksgiving season? Are you making a Thankful Tree too?  I would love to here from you! Feel free to leave links or photos in the comment section!

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