Essential Oils & Healthy Weight Management

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Let us show you how essential oils can help you to attain and maintain a healthy weight the all natural way. Specific products to make the journey to a healthy weight easier! We can show you how to stop laying down to fit in your jeans once and for all!

Dear friend that has struggled with weight in some form, friend that gained a few extra pounds over the holidays, friend that has tried all the diet gimmicks but never has lasting results,

Are you tired of struggling with your weight?
Jeans fitting a little too snug? 
Are your yoga pants your new BFF?

I have been where you are. I gained 80 pounds during and after the birth of my third child. I tried all shorts of different weight loss programs but nothing seemed to work and I never seemed to be able to stick to the plan. I then realized I needed to make an over all change not just change what I was eating because when you are dealing with weight, it’s about a lifestyle change that will actually fit into the life you already live. I needed something simple and easy that would give me results.

Losing weight is all about using the right tools.
I was able to lose the weight and have been able to keep it off by using the right tools (great products we will discuss during this virtual class).

Learn with Jessica Hinojosa and Melodye Reynolds in this live webinar class!

What you will Learn in the live webinar class:

Specific products that Young Living offers to help you with weight management
How to use those products in simple and easy ways
Young Living's Slique Line: What is it and does it help with weight management?
How essential oils can help you to reach your weight goals. (and get outta those yoga pants!)
How to use essentail oils
How to curb your cravings
How to boost your energy
How your emotions can effect your weight
Young Living products to support emotional health
How to boost your overall immune system with Young Living Essential Oils
A recipe for a "toxin tonic" to help you get rid of extra fat in a healthy way

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