Plant Lapbook!

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     Lapbooks are a fun and easy way to learn pretty much anything. A Lapbook is simply a file folder that contains a variety of information. I like to think of them as mini encyclopedias. Whats included inside is really up to you. They can be based of a book or a general subject of interest.
     Spring is in the air and we are starting our study on plants. Plants are not only the main support for the Earth its self but, its also an essential key to human health. I feel it is so important for children to understand and know how beneficial plants are to us and their many uses. We starting out our study focusing on what plants are and how they grow. We are a family of faith so we have also added in some creation cards, along with reading of Genesis 1 : 1-31 emphasizing on verses 9-13 and 29. Here is our finished product along with links to all printables.
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Lapbook Printables :
Parts of a Plant (Upper Left)
Parts of a Seed (Bottom Left)
Life Cycle of a Moon Flower (Bottom Middle)
United States Planting Zones (Upper Middle)
What do Seeds Need? (Upper Right)
Days of Creations Floder (Bottom Right)
Creation Cards: Sunday School Sources

Have you made lapbooks before? If so what's your favorite one? Feel free to comment below! 

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