Toxic Free Cleaning with Essential OIls

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Are you a mom that is tired of cleaning with harmful chemicals but you just don’t know where to start?  Do you wonder if “all natural” products really work? We have got you covered! And what better time to take a look at it than right now, the height of spring cleaning season.
I was diagnosed with a fragrance allergy last year which led me to researching how I could rid my home of synthetic fragrances. THAT then led me to learning about all the different chemicals we have in our homes and how they effect our bodies, our children and even our pets. I use to pay no attention to buying things with ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and then I had to become a “label reader”.  The more educated I became on the subject, the more I wanted to get rid of toxic chemicals in any way I could in my home. I just didn’t realize how harmful they were and how many chemicals are in most homes.
If you have been wanting to get rid of all of the dangerous chemicals in your house the easiest way to start is by switching your cleaning products to cleaners that don’t have them. But, I know what you may be thinking! Those “all natural” cleaners are too expensive or they don’t seem to clean as well. We gotcha covered!

Clean without compromising the health of your family and your budget!

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