Essential Oils 101

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Dear overwhelmed mom,
Are you a busy mom that wants more energy and you want your kids to feel great too? We want to help!
I remember just a few years ago, I was a completely overwhelmed mom with a mile long to do list and no energy to get it done. That lack of energy then turned to anxiety and depression. I was in bed for days at a time. I was in a desperate search for something to help me feel better so I could get back to taking care of my family but it needed to be something simple and easy to do. The last thing I needed was stress.
I found that essential oils were just what I was looking for. I could support my immune system, my emotions and yes, even my mommy brain (I know you will totally get this!) I found myself feeling better, I became empowered to take care of my whole family and to now share it with others that are struggling just like I was.
Here's what you will learn in class: 
What is an essential oil
How essential oils work 
3 easy ways to use them
Why Young Living
What comes in the premium starter kit
Do you have to sell?
Retail VS Wholesale
How essential oils support your health
Easy ways to add essential oils to your everyday life
How to keep them affordable 
How you can learn even more!

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