Detox with Young Living

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Feeling sluggish, achy, and run down? Have your ever considered doing a cleanse? It's spring time and while we are all in the spring cleaning mood for our homes, what about spring cleaning for the body in a safe all natural way?

Our bodies process all the food and things we put in and on to it. Sometimes that process can get bogged down and toxins begin to build up in our bodies. That means we can start to feel tired, bloated, sluggish, overwhelmed, and even depressed.

One way to get things moving again is to do a gentle cleanse. This can help to restart the body's systems and flush out the toxins that are making use feel so bad.

In This Class You Will Learn:

How to do a safe and gentle cleanse

How a cleanse can help you to feel more energized, remove toxins, and reduce inflammation

What Young Living products we recommend to use to cleanse your body

How much fiber you need daily and why it is so important for the body

The positive effects of a cleanse for overall well-being

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