Essential Oils of the Bible

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Have you ever wondered what this whole essential oil hoopla is about? Then this is also the class for you!
I started seeing posts about essential oils 4 years ago everywhere. Every social media platform had something about them so out of natural curiosity, I had to find for myself. I got a set of my own and started researching them. (yeah, totally a type A personality!)
What I found was that essential oils are not in any way new. They have been around since creation and have been used for thousands of years to support better health. In fact, essential oils are part of God’s design to heal our physical, spiritual and emotional needs!
They are NOT new age, woo woo, voodoo or magic. That is a lie that the enemy wants us to believe. He loves to taint anything that is of God and it is high time that we start reclaiming ground that has been lost. Essential oils are from plants and plants are part of God’s original design. It’s that simple.
Listen in as we discuss the history of essential oils and multiple biblical references where essential oils are mentioned! That’s right, the bible mentions and discusses essential oils and I want to share my research with you.

In this class you will learn:

What an essential oil is

The history of the usage of essential oils (get nerdy with me!)

Biblical references to essential oils (learn specific bible verses)

 How essential oils played a huge part in the everyday lives of people during biblical times (For example, everyone knows that Jesus was given essential oils at his birth, but He was also given oils before His death.)

 What does it mean to “anoint with oil” and why you should do it today.

 Why essential oils should be in every household TODAY and how you can use them to support your own body!
…and so much more!

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