Back to School with Essential Oils

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Whether it is back to school or back to homeschool, summer always comes to an end and then it’s time for the kiddos to get back to the business of learning. With that also comes an increase of interaction with the world and that means the sharing of germs and increased exposure to viruses! ICK! So, I  decided that to share what my family does to keep our immune systems strong all year long by using the power of essential oils and offering you a FREE webinar!
What you will learn in this class:
What are essential oils
How to use essential oils on your kids and yourself safely
Tips for oils and young children 
Which oils/oil infused products (supplements) to help support a healthy:
*Immune System
*Respiratory System
*Digestive System
*How to promote a more calming and restful bedtime routine/sleep
Easy tips to make these products a part of your everyday routine
How and where to purchase your essential oils!

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