YL's Chemical Free Makeup!

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Our new Savvy Minerals Makeup is here! I cannot tell you how excited I am that Young Living now offers safe, natural makeup!   Many makeup lines claim to be free of toxins but if you do some digging you will find that they contain a lot of hidden ones. As a woman who loves makeup  this really made me jump for joy because now I can buy from the company that I love and respect the most. 

What NOT in Savvy Minerals Makeup?
Synthetics Colors or Dyes
Synthetics Fragrance 
Gluten Free

Maybe you're not the science nerdy type like me and don't want to spend the time looking up all this long names there is an awesome free app called Think Dirty where you can scan the barcodes of your products. This helps you to identify the potential risk associated with your personal care products.

2 Ways to purchase Savvy Minerals by Young Living
You can always buy retail of course (just search “savvy” to find our makeup) CLICK TO ORDER RETAIL
Keep in mind that retail is 24% more than wholesale. You simply order and make sure to put my member number as the person that referred you 3178518.
If you would like to save the most money a wholesale account is the best ideaYou save 24% off of all of your orders and no you never have to sell anything (unless you want to). 
How do I get the most bang for my buck?
In order to get a wholesale account to get the best price on our makeup you must get a starter kit. That is the requirement. We have a basic starter kit for $45 that you can grab and then you can add whatever makeup you want to your cart. 
The option that I show in the photo below would get you the basic starter kit and the basics to starting with our makeup for $155 plus shipping  

Click to see in instructions for how to get a wholesale account ➜GET A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT HERE

You can find out more about Savvy Minerals by visiting: The Savvy Minerals Website

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